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Second stage of the program - years 2010-2014, East Meets West: Eastern/ Asian communities and inter-religious dialogue

 Teacher Training

We facilitated a unique program in which Chinese professors studied Israeli culture at Bar-Ilan and then returned to China to teach about Israel. The theme of the lecture series was Contemporary Israel: Faith, Culture and Nationality.

The Dr. Naim Dangoor Program expanded its focus to include activities and programming in Asia with special attention devoted to Korea, China, India, Japan and southeast Asia. This expansion comprised workshops, visits, student exchange programs and teacher training.


Workshops and seminars


In conjunction with Bar-Ilan University’s Department of Asian Studies, numerous in-house and international seminars and workshops were held.  Among the more relevant topics discussed at these seminars were: New Confucianism in China; Ethnicity and Minorities in China; Religions and Traditions in China; The 20th Century Transformation of Religion in Korea and Religions- Belief and Rituals in Japan.


Academic Delegations & Cooperations

The Program's success and reputation has drawn academics from across the globe, in particular from Asian countries. We have proudly hosted delegations of high ranking Professors, Faculty and Administration from such esteemed institutions as:

  • Nanjing University, China

  • Sahmyook University, Korea

  • .National Institute of Education Sciences of China 

  • Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)

  • Delegation from the University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, China (UIBE)

  • Zhejiang District, Chinese officials

  • Jiangsu District, Chinese officials

  • Chongqing District, Academic delegation


Asian Exchange Students

Through our exchange program, three professors and four Ph.D. students came from China to study at Bar-Ilan for a full semester. During their stay, the scholars enjoyed intensive studies on campus as well as three day trips to holy sites in Jerusalem, to holy sites in Haifa and the Jewish Heritage museum.

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