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Focus: Korea


One of the especially noteworthy workshops was the 2 day International Workshop on Religions in Korea. This workshop, held in the presence of the Korean Ambassador to Israel, commemorated 50 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and the State of Israel. The workshop was part of the educational cooperation between the two nations wherein dozens of Korean students arrive at Bar-Ilan each year to study bible, archaeology, nanotechnology, education, economics, law and humanities.


International Conference: "Religions in Korea"

Religions in Korea

A Korean-Israeli Dialog on Trends and Influences

Monday-Tuesday, 18 - 19 February 2013


South Korean society has undergone significant changes over the past two centuries, evolving from an agrarian society run by the Chosŏn dynasty to a modern industrialized society governed by a democratic regime. This change has led to a discourse between modernity and tradition within the society, as well as in the political arena. One of the key expressions of the profound changes during this process were the rise of religious movements, mainly the following: The rise of Christianity in Korea over the past two centuries, the revival of ancient folkloric faiths over the past fifty years and the influence of all these various religious movements on politics and business affairs. The "Religions in Korea – Trends and Influences: A Korean Israeli Dialog" workshop, under the auspices of the Dr. Naim Dangoor Program for Universal Monotheism at Bar-Ilan University, allowed scholars to discuss these new trends and changes in the religious arena in Korea. Our aim is to hold an academic dialog between Israeli and Korean scholars in a broader and comparative perspective. The two-day workshop offered a venue for exchanging ideas and advancing the research on these changes and future influence on Korean Society.

The conference opening ceremony was held in the presence of H. E. Kim Il-Soo, the Korean Ambassador to Israel. Our key note speaker was the Israeli prize winner Prof. Daniel Sperber, one of the world Talmud studies leaders

Liink to the Religions in Korea Conference - Opening Remarks



Korean Students Delegations

The Program hosted delegations of Korean undergraduate and graduate students who visited Israel as part of the Korea-Israel Intergovernmental Youth Exchange Program.  We saw their visit as an opportunity to plant the seeds of future studying options under the Dr. Naim Dangoor Universal Monotheism Program. Fifteen Bar Ilan students met the delegation and presented their studies - including biblical and Talmudic studies, and discussed mainly on the vast interest of the Korean people in the Talmud. 


"Walking in his footsteps": comparative religions aspects of spiritual leadership

 In honor of Sir Dr. Niam Dangoor 101 birthday and his long term contribution to religious dialogue and research, the Dr. Naim Dangoor Interdisciplinary Program for Universal Monotheism at Bar-Ilan University calls for academic papers competition for undergraduate and graduate students.

Visit of Presidents of  Korean Universities

On November 8th, 2017, a list of distinguished Presidents of Korean Universities visited Bar-Ilan University. The detailed list of personal were as follows:

National Universities:

Prof. Ho-Hwan Chun, President of Pusan National University

Prof. Sang Hyun Kim, Vice President Pusan National University

Prof. Deog Seong Oh, President of Chungnam National University

Prof. Wanshin Park, Director of Presidential office Chungnam National University

Prof. Young Kwan Kim, Vice President of Incheon National University

Prof. Sang Dong Kim, President Kyungpook National University

Prof. Jong Hwa Park, Vice President Kyungpook National University


Universities in Seoul:

Prof. Yong-Hak Kim, President of Yonsei University in Seoul

Prof. John M. Frankl, Associate Dean of Yonsei University in Seoul

Prof. Jong Gou Park, President of Sogang University in Seoul

Prof. Christine Myunghee Ahn, Vice President Sogang University

Prof. Tae Hyun Sung, Vice President of Hanyang University in Seoul


Institute of Science and Technology:

Prof. Sang Hyuk Son, President of the DGIST (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology)

Prof. Yongsoon Eun, Vice President DGIST

Prof. Moo young Jung, President of the UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology)

Prof. Sug Chul Bae, Dean UNIST

Prof. Doh Yeon Kim, President POSTECH (Pohang University of Science and Technology)

Prof. Hyo Eun Park, Director POSTECH

The representatives of Bar-Ilan university whose hosted the delegation were: 

Prof. Miriam Faust, Rector

Prof. Moshe Lewenstein, Deputy President

Prof. Amnon Albeck, Vice Rector




Mrs. Judith Haimoff, Vice President of External Relations

Dr. Danielle Gurevitch, Director of Global Affairs-Asia Division

Dr. Alon Levkowiz, Head of Korean studies, Member of BESA    

Ms. Ruth Cohen, Director of VIP Visits

November 2017, an official visit of the Presidents of South Korean Universities at Bar-Ilan University

2016 Korean - Israeli Students meeting at Bar-Ilan University

2016 The First Korean Studies Workshop at Bar-Ilan University

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