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Dr. Danielle Gurevich,

Program Director


Bar-Ilan alumnus Dr. Danielle Gurevich, an ethnologist at Bar-Ilan University since 2003, has served in a host of executive and academic positions at the University. She established, directed, and developed Bar-Ilan University’s Department of Multidisciplinary Studies, including the Regional Studies and the Asia Studies Programs; and has chaired and developed the Dr. Naim Dangoor Program for Universal Monotheism since its establishment.


Dr. Gurevich is a noted lecturer whose research areas are Ethnology (folklore and literature), Contemporary Cultural Studies, the History of Ideas, Comparative Religions and Innovation and Creativity.


She has been proactive in promoting innovation in joint ventures among academic institutions as well as between the academy and the business sector, with special emphasis on international partnerships. Dr. Gurevich has also been very involved in various positions at the Israel Council for Higher Education and has been instrumental in forging academic and innovative partnerships between Bar-Ilan and a host of Asian Universities. Dr. Gurevich has published numerous books and articles.



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