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Bar-Ilan University bestows an honorary doctorate on Dr. David Dangoor in recognition of his tireless efforts to further education, culture and art throughout the UK and Israel.  Through the Exilarch Foundation, Dr. Dangoor has taken the wise teachings of his father, Sir Naim Dangoor, and turned them into an exemplary model of philanthropy.  His significant investment in youth and scientists is manifested by the multitude of the Foundation's educational programs and by the research it supports in such diverse areas as monotheism and medicine.
19 CFP - The 7th Asian-Jewish Conference
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19 CFP - The 7th Asian-Jewish Conference
Start up nation seminar -  CIEBS Shanghai and Rabi Prof. Daniel Sperber lecture at David Tower in Jerusalem March 2017
Start up nation seminar -  CIEBS Shanghai. Lectures by Prof. Elise Brezis and Prof. Andrew Shain and Dr. Tova Ganzel who lectured on - Israel start up nation: woman's dialogue with tradition in modern Israel.
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